Coriolis Technology

Coriolis Mass Flow Controllers and Meters

The Coriolis principle is not new to process flow measurement. It is a proven technology that has been employed in a wide variety of markets and applications for over 30 years. Although Coriolis has been widely used in high flow processes, Brooks Quantim family of Coriolis mass flow meters and mass flow controllers now takes precise flow measurement and control to lower flow applications

Quantim® is the first miniaturized Coriolis mass flow controller that measures and controls flow directly, without any need to compensate for fluid properties or process conditions. Brooks Quantim family of Coriolis mass flow devices include an integrally mounted control valve in a compact miniaturized configuration. They can simultaneously measure mass flow of liquids and gases, fluid density and temperature.

Quantim Coriolis controllers and meters provide unsurpassed performance, reliability, repeatability and control in demanding low-flow applications. The Brooks Coriolis portfolio covers virtually every need you may have, including:

  • Metal seal devices for the vacuum thin film and semiconductor industry
  • NEMA 4X/IP66 MFCs for wash down applications
  • Downport MFCs for installation and service ease
  • High-pressure capability for demanding research applications

Quantim Coriolis mass flow meters, flow controllers, and sensors offer an array of certifications and approvals for ingress protection and use in hazardous areas, to provide unsurpassed performance, solving specific challenges in demanding low-flow applications.

Products with Coriolis Technology

Brooks offers an array of products that implement Coriolis technology. For more information, visit: