Flow Meter Calibration

  • Mass flow meter servicing
  • Flow Meter Rehab and Repair Services
  • Flow Meter Repair Services
  • Coriolis Flow Meter Calibration - Gas Laboratory

Instruments Supported

Our metrologists are trained and equipped to work with most brands and technologies of flow meters including:

Gas flow meters

  • Thermal mass flow meter and controller
  • Coriolis Flow meter
  • Vortex flow meter
  • Laminar Flow Element
  • Sonic nozzle
  • Volumetric flow meter
  • Variable area meter (Rotameter)
  • Turbine flow meter
  • Fixed orifice

Liquid flow meters

  • Coriolis flow meter
  • Turbine flow meter
  • Magnetic flow meter
  • Oval gear
  • Rotameter (glass tube and metal tube)
  • Propeller meter
  • Orifice plate
  • Flow switch
  • Miscellaneous volumetric flow meters