Flow Meter Calibration

  • Mass flow meter (MFC) calibration
  • Mass flow meter servicing
  • Coriolis meter calibration
  • Differential pressure Flow Meter Calibration - Liquid Laboratory

In-Lab Flow Calibration

At Polycontrols', our main objective is to respond to the customers' specific requirements, by executing a precise and reliable calibration service in a timely manner. To achieve our goals, our services include:

  • "10-day service" for standard calibration and "same day" service for emergencies
  • Standard calibration gases and fluids : Air, N2, Ar, He, H2 - Water, MIL-C-7024 T2 and Oil (BP 2380)
  • Detailed as found and as left data; Notification of any out-of-tolerance conditions and historical records of every calibration
  • NIST traceable calibration reports meeting biomedical and aerospace regulatory requirements
  • ASTM cleaning procedure for oxygen service
  • Modification and refurbishing of all major brands of flow meters
  • Extensive inventory of instruments and spare parts

We are devoted to offering precise, reliable and fast calibration services that meet our customers' expectations!