Gas Panel & Gas Mixer

  • Hydrogen Cabinet - Fail Safe with Automatic Purge
  • Gas trim heater for high pressure N2 - Winterization unit for external high pressure N2 installation
  • Power distribution cabinet (80VDC - 1200Amp - Water cooled)

HVOF, Cold Spray and Gas velocity dependent systems

Polycontrols provides customers with effective solutions ranging from On-site system calibration to automatic HVOF torch changeover systems. With over 3 decades of experience in gas systems, Polycontrols has assisted customers in adapting existing products to address their specific system requirements in just about every industry.

Having all core disciplines in-house allows us to balance and coordinate the many complex and interdependent requirements of a project cost-effectively. Our team provides clients with a fully integrated service for all project requirements, from needs definition to detailed design and manufacturing. Our focus is on rugged, efficient systems that can be implemented on-schedule with minimum process disruption and efficiently maintained.

Polycontrols personnel have the project management, the design, construction and commissioning skills to carry out projects according to schedule and budget, and to identify problem areas on time to help to find optimal solutions. Our facilities are fully accredited to national and international standards and all our gas panels and systems meet the ASME, CGA and UL regulations.