Gas Panel & Gas Mixer

  • Custom gas mixer
  • Gas Mixer - 3M Novec 612 - 500 slpm
  • Gaseous CO2 injection system - 300 kg/day
  • Pyrometallurgy - H2, CO, CO2 & N2
  • Gas mixer - Profibus
  • Special atmopshere - SO2, HF, HCl, COS & CO
  • Gas mixer - Tank inerting

Gas mixers and liquid delivery systems

Polycontrols is specialized in manufacturing custom gas panels. Our experience with specialty gases and fluids gives us a strong competitive advantage in applications that require precise concentration of mixtures such as:

  • Gas mixers for specialty gases
  • Gas distribution systems
  • MFC mixing system
  • Gas blender for OEM application
  • Chemicals dosing systems
  • Samples conditioning units
  • Liquid vaporizer and fluid delivery systems
  • Test benches for gas and fluids
  • Gas systems for Pyrometallurgy lab

Based on years of experience in different industries and environments, our custom built gas panels and gas systems are cost-effective and tailored to your specific application. Our gas mixers and liquid delivery systems feature:

  • Simple to complex systems and controls
  • High temperature to cryogenic temperature
  • High pressure to full vacuum.
  • Design through Commissioning
  • Full documentation
  • High level of Cleanliness
  • Weld or High Integrity Fittings for low leakage application

Our strict QA procedures ensure that professional service is maintained throughout the projet. Our facilities are fully accredited to national and international standards and our personnel have the project management, the design, construction and commissioning skills to carry out custom projects according to schedule and budget. You benefit from the complete solution, whatever the gas & fluids application or the critical process operating points.

Polycontrols is the winner of the Canada Innovation Award (2006) and a proud laureate in the Exportation category in 2008.