Mass flow meters technology

Thermal Mass Flow Controllers and Meters

Thermal Mass Flow (TMF) technology uses thermodynamic principles to drive actual mass flow. A thermal mass flow sensor can be combined with an integral valve and PID flow controller in one compact, efficient instrument that can accurately control the flow of gases and liquids over a wide range of flow rates. Thermal mass flow products exhibit high repeatability and accuracy, providing an effective way to ensure a reliable and stable process.

Brooks offers a broad range of thermal mass flow controllers and mass flow meters, ensuring that we will have exactly the right device for your application. Brooks thermal mass flow devices provide significant advantages in response time, accuracy, repeatability, turndown, self-diagnostics and application flexibility. The Brooks portfolio covers the widest range of options to meet your application needs, including:

  • Pressure transient insensitive mass flow controllers (the first in the industry)
  • MultiFlo™ capability to satisfy a broad range of applications with one device without removing device from system
  • Foundation™ Fieldbus communications option (an industry first!)
  • Ultra-high purity devices for the vacuum thin film, solar and semiconductor industry
  • NEMA 4X/IP66 mass flow controllers and mass flow meters for wash down applications (the first in the industry)
  • Downport mass flow controllers and mass flow meters for ease of maintenance

Brooks mass flow meters, flow controllers, and sensors are offer an array of certifications and approvals for ingress protection and use in hazardous areas. Brooks mass flow controllers are the acknowledged industry leader in quality and reliability, with many devices in operation for more than 20 years.

Products with Thermal Mass Flow Technology

Brooks offers an array of products that implement Thermal Mass Flow technology. For more information, visit: