Integration services

  • Control system
  • Ship loading
  • Tank monitoring systems
  • Automation of weigh scale

Project Portfolio

From stand-alone processes that need basic, reliable functionality to complex integrated systems that control critical or hazardous operations, Polycontrols has the expertise to deliver projects with the quality and safety their clients expect. Our recent project portfolio includes systems in the following areas:

Automation and control systems for manufacturing operations

  • Batch control and blending
  • Conveying/sorting
  • Annealing/extruding
  • Machine retrofit
  • Energy management
  • Intrinsically safe and Class 1 systems
  • Industrial networking (wireless and hardwired)
  • Remote supervision systems & data collection/reporting

DCS replacements & plan extension additions

  • DCS replacements
  • Plan extension additions
  • System refurbishing

Petrochemistry & chemistry

  • Analyzer systems
  • Chemical feed injection systems
  • Dissolution systems
  • Coating/finishing
  • Ions-exchange process
  • Organic compounds preparation process
  • Polymer systems


  • Bioreactor Integration
  • Fermentation
  • Data acquisition systems
  • Integrated process skids
  • System revamps for pre-commercialization


  • Gas mixers for specialty gases
  • Gas distribution panels
  • Liquid delivery systems
  • Controlled atmosphere
  • Samples conditioning units


  • Test equipment
  • Calibration equipment