Surftec - Polycontrols

SURFTEC congress on Oxy-Fuel High Velocity Thermal Spray Deposition

Polycontrols will be attending the SURFTEC conference on High-Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF) Thermal Spray Deposition, a technique mainly used in the aerospace and automobile industry. Our powder dispenser is particularly designed for this type of application: “The M4 Feeder allows bypassing the buoyancy problems of some powders and reduces the production costs of protective or functional coatings by increasing the deposition rate of these powders to values traditionally obtained with plasma spray. “.

Doseur de Poudre - Polycontrols

CNRC-NRC SURFTEC 2018 biennial meeting

The bi-annual meeting of CNRC-NRC members SURFTEC will take place on June 18-19. Founded in 1995, SURFTEC gathers engineers and scientists from different technical fields such as coatings and thermal projections, to work on various projects. The main topics include the cost reducing of applications, the optimization of processes, and the development for commercial purposes of new materials, equipment and processes used.

Fernanda Caïo - Polycontrols

Fernanda Caio, winner of the ASM student competition

Fernanda Caio, project manager at Polycontrols, presented her poster on “Influence of the shape and roughness of the substrate on the microstructure coating in the plasma jet suspension” during the annual meeting of Green-SEAM, which took place last week. This poster was made for the ASM Student Contest, where it won the second place! Congratulations Fernanda!

Green-SEAM - Polycontrols

Green-SEAM annual meeting for 2018

This week is the annual meeting of Green-SEAM. Polycontrols is proud to participate in this strategic network whose main mission is the development of a new generation of surface coatings for advanced manufacturing. This NSERC-supported strategic network brings together a dozen Canadian universities and Research centers as well as several major OEMs and industry professionals to develop and compare innovative solutions while analyzing the environmental aspect of these new surface coatings.