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First and Only MID-002 Certified Coriolis Flow Meter for Hydrogen Service in the World

Polycontrols now offers the Tricor TCMH 0450: a high-pressure Coriolis mass flowmeter, available in three pressure ratings: 414 bar, 690 bar and 1050 bar (6000 psi, 10,000 psi and 15,200 psi) ). Material choices for U-tubes are either 316L stainless steel for chemical injection applications (NACE compliant) or Sandvik® Alloy HP 160 alloy chosen to eliminate hydrogen embrittlement. as in the service stations. The TCMH 0450 is the world’s first MI-002 / OIML137 certified Coriolis flowmeter for hydrogen dispensing applications.

Golf game 2018 - Polycontrols

The famous Polycontrols Classic Golf Game

took place last Saturday, September 29, 2018. Six teams participated in the tournament, and about forty people were present for the families’ dinner. Good weather and smiles were present!