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Canadian firm helping design Venus probe

Winner of the Canadian Innovation Award, Polycontrols Technologies Inc. is a Canadian success story.  What started off as a certified calibration lab, grew into the design and fabrication of gas, electrical, and control panels, gas recovery unis, robotics, 3D CAD design and simulations, and process integration. Polycontrols is now one of the main Canadian players […]

Flow meters: to calibrate or not?

Depending on the configuration of your process and how important that specific measure is for your performance, some flow meters should be calibrated whereas others can be left uncalibrated. Usually, flow meters part of a secondary loop system are redundant as any drift in the measure will be corrected by the action of a primary […]

Why using Guardbanding Technique?

The primary motivation for guardbanding is to control the risk of accepting an out-of-tolerance unit or rejecting an in-tolerance unit. The ISO 17025 standard requires that measurement uncertainty be taken into account when statements of compliance are made. In other words, when a calibration laboratory calibrates an instrument and produces a calibration certificate indicating that […]

Why ISO/IEC 17025 is essential?

ISO/IEC 17025 is an international standard for evaluating the competence of calibration laboratories. It includes portions of the ISO 9001 standards relating to organization and management plus it encompasses the entire calibration system to produce metrics for the: Calibration rig components, Administrative systems for process operations, Personnel proficiency, Documentation supporting the traceability Total measurement uncertainty […]

When to calibrate?

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) calibration requirements stipulate that inspection, measuring and test equipment (including flow meter) must be calibrated at least annually for their intended function and use or whenever the flow meter has been subject to some form of abuse that may affect the measurement device fitness for use. The manufacturer’s most commonly recommended calibration interval […]

Why calibrate?

Key elements in determining compliance to national and international standards are the validity and accuracy of inspection, measurement and test results. As flow meter performances degrade over time, these instruments must be calibrated to provide the necessary level of confidence in the results of the tests being conducted. There are several reasons why a flow […]

Laureate 2017 – Dominque-Rollin Gala

Polycontrols was honoured last Wednesday at the Dominique-Rollin Gala, on May 10th. We are proud to have won the Excellence Award in the “Succession planning and business transfers” category. It is through our sustained efforts that we have reached a threshold of excellence within our company. We stood out in our niche market thanks to […]

Expanding the scope of accreditation

We are proud to announce that have expanded our CLAS accreditation scope by adding new services. Since March 19th, our laboratory is now capable of calibrating instruments for volumetric flow measurement with an accuracy of 0.021% and density calibration services for Coriolis mass flow meters. Our sustained efforts for the optimization of our gravimetric calibration […]

Controlled Goods Accreditations

Polycontrols is now registered to the Controlled goods program of Canada. The CGP’s mandate is to strengthen Canada’s defence trade controls through the mandatory registration and regulation of businesses and individuals who examine, possess and/or transfer controlled goods. That program allow us to market our patented nanopowder feeder for military and strategic use in order […]

Change in management

Polycontrols Technologies is proud to announce a change in management. Effective immediately, the presidency is to be shared by Mr. Sylvain Desaulniers and his partners, Mr. Jean-Pierre Bessette, laboratory manager, and Mr. Martin Richer, sales director. Over the past two years, the qualified team of Polycontrols has significantly increased its presence in the Canadian market. […]