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Major investment of the MT-50

Over the last few months, Polycontrols made a major investment in one of its key sector of activity. We will announce very soon in which sector this investment has been dedicated. Be assured that such an engagement is for the sole purpose of offering you a new, customized service – a service offered exclusively at […]

Sixth edition of the Aerospace Innovation Forum

Polycontrols was present at the Aéro Montréal event on April 16th and 17th. The sixth edition of the Aerospace Innovation Forum was, in fact, a global event, bringing together aerospace stakeholders and suppliers to exchange best practices in innovation developed by the industry.

Exclusive representation agreement – Tricor

Polycontrols has signed an agreement for the representation of Tricor Coriolis Technology (Tricor) product line. This partnership allows Polycontrols to deliver more than ever world class quality flow measurement solutions and unsurpassed industry experience with a focus on total customer satisfaction.

Giving to our community

We believe that by giving back to the community, we will contribute to the growth of many people in many areas. For example, in the beginning of 2017, our corporation decided to invest in a Dek Hockey team which won this year’s Burrows trophy at Victoriaville. Another good example is our annual participation at Action […]

Canadian firm helping design Venus probe

Winner of the Canadian Innovation Award, Polycontrols Technologies Inc. is a Canadian success story.  What started off as a certified calibration lab, grew into the design and fabrication of gas, electrical, and control panels, gas recovery units, robotics, 3D CAD design and simulations, and process integration. Polycontrols is now one of the main Canadian players […]

Flow meters: to calibrate or not?

Depending on the configuration of your process and how important that specific measure is for your performance, some flow meters should be calibrated whereas others can be left uncalibrated. Usually, flow meters part of a secondary loop system are redundant as any drift in the measure will be corrected by the action of a primary […]

Why using Guardbanding Technique?

The primary motivation for guardbanding is to control the risk of accepting an out-of-tolerance unit or rejecting an in-tolerance unit. The ISO 17025 standard requires that measurement uncertainty be taken into account when statements of compliance are made. In other words, when a calibration laboratory calibrates an instrument and produces a calibration certificate indicating that […]

Why ISO/IEC 17025 is essential?

ISO/IEC 17025 is an international standard for evaluating the competence of calibration laboratories. It includes portions of the ISO 9001 standards relating to organization and management plus it encompasses the entire calibration system to produce metrics for the: Calibration rig components, Administrative systems for process operations, Personnel proficiency, Documentation supporting the traceability Total measurement uncertainty […]

When to calibrate?

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) calibration requirements stipulate that inspection, measuring and test equipment (including flow meter) must be calibrated at least annually for their intended function and use or whenever the flow meter has been subject to some form of abuse that may affect the measurement device fitness for use. The manufacturer’s most commonly recommended calibration interval […]