Luc Pouliot, VP and Co-owner of Polycontrols

New member in the management!

Luc Pouliot, an engineering physics graduate (bachelor & Masters), recently joined Polycontrols in the capacity of VP Operations & co-owner, thus realizing a long-time dream to become an entrepreneur. He brings with him 25 years of expertise in materials science, thermal & cold spray coatings, operations management & international business development. Beyond his operational responsibilities, Luc’s mission will be to establish Polycontrols as a world-leader for the delivery of industrial additive manufacturing solutions.

Polycontrols New In Line Compact Ultrasonic Meter

Here Is the New In-Line Compact Ultrasonic Meter Without Any Moving Parts

The compact QCT Series has no moving parts and there is nothing in the flow stream that will cause an increase in pressure drop; this results in a very rugged, reliable and accurate flow meter. High accuracy & repeatability is achieved through the unique measurement section within the flow meter where the flow is conditioned and delta T is measured along the axis of the flow meter. The small footprint, lightweight device is ideal for low viscosity liquid applications including water based products, oils, and its all plastic construction makes it the meter of choice for many corrosive fluids.

Polycontrols - Logo

MT3809 Now Available with Foundation Fieldbus Transmitter

Brooks Instrument, a world leader in precision fluid measurement and control technology, has added a new FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus transmitter to its popular MT3809 variable area (VA) flow meter, making it easier for users to integrate the unit into their automation control systems for more efficient data capture and digital communication across the plant enterprise. The MT3809G with FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus recently underwent extensive testing and is now fully approved by Emerson.

Tricor - Polycontrols

First and Only MID-002 Certified Coriolis Flow Meter for Hydrogen Service in the World

Polycontrols now offers the Tricor TCMH 0450: a high-pressure Coriolis mass flowmeter, available in three pressure ratings: 414 bar, 690 bar and 1050 bar (6000 psi, 10,000 psi and 15,200 psi) ). Material choices for U-tubes are either 316L stainless steel for chemical injection applications (NACE compliant) or Sandvik® Alloy HP 160 alloy chosen to eliminate hydrogen embrittlement. as in the service stations. The TCMH 0450 is the world’s first MI-002 / OIML137 certified Coriolis flowmeter for hydrogen dispensing applications.

Golf game 2018 - Polycontrols

The famous Polycontrols Classic Golf Game

took place last Saturday, September 29, 2018. Six teams participated in the tournament, and about forty people were present for the families’ dinner. Good weather and smiles were present!

Atelier de Fabrication - Polycontrols

Seminar on additive manufacturing by cold spray

On September 25 and 26, a seminar on additive manufacturing by cold spray will be held at the National Research Center of Canada, established in Boucherville. The latest results on the additive manufacturing capacity of large components for the aerospace and automotive sector will be presented. The possibilities of developing new applications such as parts consolidation, dimensional restoration and structural repair of metal parts and structural reinforcement will also be discussed.

Green-SEAM, CRSNG-NSERC - Polycontrols

Initiative of the Strategic Network in Green Surface Engineering

Polycontrols is pleased to acknowledge NSERC’s significant support to the Green Surface Engineering for Advanced Manufacturing (Green-SEAM) Strategic Network. This five-year network is the first to create pan-Canadian collaborations, bringing together the main disciplines of surface engineering. It will be the first to develop environmentally friendly solutions for the entire Canadian coatings and surface engineering community – a model that can be applied to other industrial sectors!

MT-50 - Ouverture - Polycontrols

MT-50 official opening

July 7th was the official opening of our brand new Flow Technology Microtrak and OmnitrakTM Positive Displacement Flow Meter Calibration System. It is with pride that Sylvain Desaulniers, Martin Richer and Jean-Pierre Bessette inaugurated this new device, which will be able to offer you performances, incomparable reliability and numerous economic advantages. We wholeheartedly thank everyone who was present.

Surftec - Polycontrols

SURFTEC congress on Oxy-Fuel High Velocity Thermal Spray Deposition

Polycontrols will be attending the SURFTEC conference on High-Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF) Thermal Spray Deposition, a technique mainly used in the aerospace and automobile industry. Our powder dispenser is particularly designed for this type of application: “The M4 Feeder allows bypassing the buoyancy problems of some powders and reduces the production costs of protective or functional coatings by increasing the deposition rate of these powders to values traditionally obtained with plasma spray. “.

Doseur de Poudre - Polycontrols

CNRC-NRC SURFTEC 2018 biennial meeting

The bi-annual meeting of CNRC-NRC members SURFTEC will take place on June 18-19. Founded in 1995, SURFTEC gathers engineers and scientists from different technical fields such as coatings and thermal projections, to work on various projects. The main topics include the cost reducing of applications, the optimization of processes, and the development for commercial purposes of new materials, equipment and processes used.